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Top 3 Things to Consider Before Renting or Buying Office Space in noida

Commercial properties are a mixed blend of retail, office spaces, service apartments, food courts, IT properties etc. In this article we are going to talk about tips to rent office spaces.

Office space is one of the most prominent and trusted commercial investments in the country.

There are 2 types of office spaces:

• Self-use in commercial properties

• A virtual property of office space, where you are a part of some area in a flow plate of an IT building In commercial investments, there are a few factors you must consider before you choose the right office

space for you.

1. It should be surrounded by a great infrastructure.

People who will be working there, whether they’re starting their own thing or they are working in a business, they need to have great access to that office space. So view main road properties which have great connectivity, a metro connectivity etc.

2. You must choose a property, which has grade A or B construction.

There are different variations:

• You need to have great infrastructure

• A good drop-off point

• Great lift access

• Common areas

And many more facilities.

3. The builder

The third thing you must consider when choosing a good commercial property is the builder.

The architect, the concept of the office space, why this office space will benefit the residential people around, and how good of a job they will do at attracting people in. If you’re an investor, you should focus on price and return.

That means the entry point of the office space should be very reasonable. You don’t want to invest in a property where the rental capital income is less than 5%. So we recommend places which are emerging.You should focus on office spaces in noida where you can get a minimum 8% rental yield on day one and some opportunity to get capital appreciation over a period of time.

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