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Top Five Tips to Rent Your First Office

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Renting your first office space is very exciting and on the other hand, it’s also terrifying. Before you make a plan to buy or rent office space you have to decide your budget and your needs. In this article, we are going share with you five tips for renting your first office space.

Decide whether you want coworking space or dedicated one:

Leasing an office take bit more time and money. You will have to spend on electricity, wifi, phone, furniture and also on office interior decoration. Or on another hand, you have small team or you are a freelancer who wants to get out of the house then co-working space is for you.

Choose the right location:

Finding an office space at the central location is very expensive. And finding business spaces in rural areas are challenging. We know the city address is very important and we suggest you make sure parking facilities should available for your team members and potential clients.

Size of the office space:

If you want to accommodate the number of staff then you should have to plan properly. To maximize the smaller space consider flexible schedules and remote workers. Which is a good option and might help you trust better talent.

Figure out office Expenses:

Budgeting for your office space can be complex. In addition to the cost of the lease, you may have to put up payments for utilities and services. You should have to figure out other expenses like printer, computer, electricity etc.

Lease length and Exit Policy:

If you are confident that space is enough for your business then a long time lease can be good policy in the long run. If your business expands before the lease is up then you have to understand the rules to how you can officially break the lease.

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