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Six Mistakes to Avoid When Renting or Buying Office Space

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

In this article, I am going to discuss the mistakes that tenures can avoid when they rent an office space. As a reputed business centre in Noida, we know companies starting a business and they don't learn the fundamentals of renting office space.

So let's look at six mistakes to avoid before renting or buying an office space.

Forgetting to measure the useable square footage:

There are two types of footage, rentable square footage and the second one is usable square footage. Usable footage is always less than rentable square footage. You should always take the time to measure the space.

Not checking elevator capacity:

Not looking at elevator capacity is also a big mistake. If you are leasing space in the above grade environment where you need an elevator to access the area. We suggest you check the elevator's capacity because no one wants to wait for the elevator at the lobby to reach the office.

Not studying public transportation:

You should have to study public transport in the area. You have to check the subways, busses, and trains that are convenient for staff or clients. It seems kind of basics, but you should have to keep this in your mind.

Not keeping an eye on under-construction sites nearby:

As a reputed business centre in Noida, we frequently noticed that people don’t keep eye on potential development sites, sites that can be turned into hotels, condos, and create a lot of noise and disturbance. If there is any under-construction site nearby, then you must think twice before renting an office.

Selecting spaces based on photos:

It would be best to visit the premises manually because you are spending lakhs of rupees renting the office space. Images are unable to tell you what is the infrastructure of building and offices. Hence we suggest you inspect the office space physically.

Failure to research the location:

Always research potential locations as much as possible. Google the location and check the online reputation of the business centre where you are renting the office. Check whether the location is involved in any dispute. Research things carefully because your office is the identity of your business.

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