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How To Protect Your Office From Covid 19

The perfect workplace is happy, healthy and safe. With covid 19 continuously changing guidelines can feel pretty overwhelming. Let's take a look at what you can do?

What is a socially distinct workspace?

Start by examining what a socially distinct workspace looks like. First of all is office density. The member of your office should encourage social distancing while still being productive and comfortable. It will take only a few adjustments to keep your team safe.

maintain six fit distances between two employees. If it's not possible to maintain six fit distance then increase the panel height.

Conference Room and Collaborative space.

For conference rooms and collaborative spaces you have to become a creative. Flexible and movable furniture is a great solution. Flexible furniture allows you to reconfigure your space so you can always remain socially distant.

When your team books a collaborative space for an in person meeting, encouraging them to leave buffer time around the meeting so they are able to clean the entire workspace.

Encourage your team to book meetings in open beautiful areas or even outdoors.

Conduct Virtual meetings:

Virtual meetings are another great way to stay connected when you can't all be in the same space. There are tons of video conferencing solutions available for all kinds of prices and company sizes. ‘

Covid 19 Best Practices:

So now you know how to keep your space safe. Let's talk about the people who are going to use that space. Following are some best practices.

Wear a mask, keep a visitor's log, sanitize everything, use video conferencing, if you feel ill then stay at home.

1.Wear mask:

Mask plays a very important role to stop the transmission of covid. Guidelines encourage you to use the mask any time when you are in public space. Your office may count as private rather than public space; it is still important to wear a mask.


Sanitation will be the large part of your routine for your safe future. This can include personal sanitation like frequent hand wash. Space sanitation, like wiping the meeting rooms after a meeting. Team cleaning session means everybody wipes their workstation multiple times in a day.

3.Visitors Log

If you are open to the public then only sanitation is not important. But you should have to follow the standard process to welcome the guest. Consider using visitors log and store contact information for future information.

4.Stay home:

As reputed office space providers in Noida we suggest If your employee or you are feeling ill, then please stay at home and contact your local health authorities for up to date information. This is one situation where it is certainly better to get safe rather than be sorry.

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