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9 Hacks to Improve Productivity at Office.

In this article, we are going to talk about some tips to improve productivity at the office. As a reputed office space provider for rent in Noida, we know that making a few changes in your desk can help you to maximize your work efficiency. Being at your desk all day can make you unmotivated and unproductive. These simple tips can make a difference.

Use peppermint oil at your office:

peppermint oil and scents make you more productive by stimulating your brain. Peppermint has been found to enhance cognitive performance.

Add a plant:

study of the American Association for the advancement of science shows that the color green can make you more productive. Try air plants as they don't require too much attention.

Use noise cancellation headphones:

Research has shown that prolonged noise has a serious health effect on office workers. Use noise cancellation headphones when the office gets busy. It can help to block unwanted noise even if you are not listening to music.

Use gaming keyboard:

Gaming keyboards offer more options and shortcuts than a regular keyboard. Shortcuts can help you to complete any task in minimal time. Personalize your keyboard with your hotkeys; it will be quicker to memorize them.

Add a latter tray:

Having a cluttered and unorganized desk can show you down and send the wrong message to coworkers. Keep the tray on your desk so you can easily reach it.

Get a stopwatch:

Research conducted by Cornell University found that workers who use reminders to take short brakes are more productive. Keep a stopwatch on your desk and set a countdown for each break you plan to take.

Gaze into the distance:

To avoid fatigue, the Canadian association of optometrists recommended you to look away from your screen every twenty minutes at something that is twenty feet away for twenty minutes. so pick and object in the distance and look at it when your eyes feel strained.

Install notification blocking app:

Research finds that people who limited their daily email use had significantly lower stress levels, which made them more productive at work. Put new messages on hold, so they won't appear until you are ready.

Get a stress toy:

Research conducted by New York University finds that stress toys help to improve focus and support productivity. Keep a few different stress balls on your desk for those tense moments.

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